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Planning, Coordinating, and Executing Utility Relocations and Protection are major components of Civil Development Projects. By properly addressing utility conflicts, project owners and impacted utility stakeholders benefit by eliminating costs, schedule delays, damages, public impact and excessive service disruptions. Utility Coordinating, Inc. (UtiliCoor) is an engineering company dedicated to eliminating the utility problems associated with Transportation projects.

By using a systematic approach of identifying utilities, establishing a handling plan, and incorporating a sound utility handling approach, UtiliCoor staff provides project design teams and impacted utility owners with workable solutions to difficult issues.

UtiliCoor is a new company comprised of a staff that has years of experience in Coordinating Utility work on major civil projects with an emphasis on petroleum and gas pipelines. We have established working relationships with project owners, Government Agencies, Design Engineers, Utility Owners and operators, railroads, contractors, along with One-Call services.

At UtiliCoor, we are committed to eliminating the unnecessary worries from impacted utilities on your project.

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